Friday, May 30, 2008

Celtics are going to the Finals!

This is unreal - just amazing. The first year the Big
Three are together and they are headed to the finals?
This is a dream! I would have never even imagined
they could be this good so quickly. Having the best
record in the league is one thing, but getting to the
finals? Damn.

The Celts seem to be playing better basketball lately
- and against veteran teams they seem to dominate.
Against those fast break, run and shoot, younger teams
they have difficulties - which could spell trouble
against the Lakers. I seriously thought the Celts
matched up well against the Pistons - but I think the
Pistons starting 5 is better than the Celts starting

I like Celts in 7 against the Lakers - but I think the
Lakers will somehow win. I'm trying to figure out who
has the edge in the match up - but it seems pretty
lopsided by position.

PG - Rondo vs Fisher - Rondo is better defender,
faster, younger. Fisher is a better shooter and
better ball handler - advantage Rondo.

SG - Allen vs ????? - I don't even know who the Lakers
play at SG - so I have to give the dge to Allen.

SF - PP vs Kobe - Kobe is the better player by far,
but PP has been outstanding on D, I have to imagine PP
will get the most help here on double teams, so we'll
have to have the extra advantage at other positions.
Kobe wins this battle every time.

PF1 - Perkins vs Odom - at least I think that is the
match up. Perk is hot, but his job is to play D and
rebound, which he does better than Odom. Odom is a
runner and a scorer - he will kill Perk in the fast
break and on shooting. Transition will tell the
story. Odom, to me, has always been a lazy player - I
guess that has changed now that he has something to
play for. He had so much talent coming out of URI but
never realized it. Remember when this kid was getting
compared to Jordan? Seriously he was. Big advantage
Odom in the fast break, less of an advantage in the
half court.

PF2 - KG vs Gasol - hey, I want to say that Gasol is
as good as KG, but come on, the guy was a joke in
Memphis. I think KG makes him look like a JV. This
is a huge advantage KG. The only thing that makes me
nervous is Gasol's jump hook.

It looks like a slight advantage Celts or at least a
push. The Lakers are the faster team, but the Celts
play much better defense.

This brings back memories of a time in my life when I
was spoiled by Boston sports success. Celts, Bruins
and Red Sox were all pretty good in 1986-1987. A Red
Sox world series, a Celtics championship, Bourque,
Ranford, Neely, Middleton, Linsman, Kasper, Bird,
McHale, Parish, Walton, Ainge, DJ, Sichting, Rice,
Boggs, Buckner, Hurst, Stanley, Boyd, Seaver, Gedman,
Armas, Hendu, Greenwell, Clemens, Baylor, Evans,
Barrett. This is a chance for the Celtics to firmly
affix the names Garnett, Allen, Rondo and Perkins in
that group. PP is already there - his longevity and
dedication to the Celtics for all those years seals
his fate.

I like our chances. Go GREEN!!



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