Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday 3/14/10 - Cheesman Canyon

I decided to fish Cheesman Canyon with the boys yesterday - met down at the Gill Trail parking lot at 6am - Carl was the first to show, followed by Adis and then John and I showed up a couple minutes after 6am. The weather was surprisingly warm - not like in the 50's or anything - but it wasn't windy at all and was over the freezing mark. While waitning for the slow pokes in our group Wermers and Adis decided to hit the Coors Extra Gold - which almost made me barf, but to each his own. I wanted to see him slam an Old Chub, but no go! Scott and Scotty showed up at 6:15. We all took our time dressing, and just as we were ready to hike in another car pulled up and the guys in it were getting dressed like it was a fire drill. I guess they were afraid we would be taking their holes and they weren't expecting 4 cars in the lot that early in the morning.

I don't have a lot to tell - since I got skunked the entire day, but everyone else caught fish.

There was some terrible competition for the good holes and some members got creative on how to free up some space in the river. Scott was sure this wouldn't spook the fish for too long.

John working a nice long hole:

Adis telling me I'm #1 - thanks man, I love you too!

Scott and Scotty - scheming to steal my Old Chub:

Some little critter tracks:

Adis working a pig:

The day got progressively worse, with the wind kicking up, the temperatures dropping and tiny snow flakes flying sideways. The snow was just enough to soak your top layer and be annoying, nothing really accumulated in the canyon. The temp must have warmed up to because Gill trail was a muddy mess.

We all hit our separate holes in the morning - then met up for lunch - sandwiches, pizza and power bars were eaten, Old Chub was drunkened, Brandon was repeatedly beat on, 3 fish were hooked - none landed. Scott and Scotty had to beat it home, so the 4 of us decided to head back down river and fish our way out.

I took Adis on a hell of a trip up the steep path that is about 70 feet above the river and straight down into it. We had great views of a hole with a ton of fish - and Adis popped into it. He landed 6 nice fish out of that hole. But that was about it for the fish catching for the day. We headed out of the canyon at 3pm. The roads home were sloppy, but by Sedalia it was only raining.


Bigerrfish said...

Right On!!!

Colorado Angler said...

Ah...the Canyon. One of my favorite places to go...great scenery, and wonderful fishing.

Looks like ya'll had a terrific day!