Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fly Tying

Darren came over last night and showed me how to tie the JuJuBe and the Hare's Ear. I know these aren't tough flies to tie, but I needed to get past the first wrap of super hair on the JuJu and my Hare's Ears never looked right (still don't!). I also managed to tie a Kaufman's Stone Fly. My buddy Tim showed up as well. It was a good time tying and it was good to see D and Tim.

Here are some pics of the flies I tied.


Midgeman said...

One... Your Jujubees look great! Two... The conformation on the Hare's Ear is fine. The only thing that will make that fly look better is it being roughed up after a few fish have chewed it. "Looking right" is something to worry about if you're tying to sell, but the fish don't really care. Three... The Kaufmans looks great as well.
These flies will fish!

Juan Ramirez said...

One tip I might offer is to go to a 1x long hook on the Hare's Ear. It looks like you might be tying on a 2 or 3x long hook, maybe the reason why they don't look right. Other than that, they look good. I'd hit that!.


Bigerrfish said...

Juan is right about the shank... but I have to compliment you on the Job youve done with the biots on the tails of the stone... this is a display of someone who likes to handel biots. Somebody has been practacing at it and wants them perfect...they must be important to you and it shows!!!

Tim said...

Thanks again for the hospitality, I enjoyed it as usual!

Mark said...

As Bigerrfish said, those biots are top-notch. I wish I could get mine looking like that!

Depending on the water you normally fish, you can take that Hare's Ear, make it with a slightly longer, but sparser tail (a few hackle fibers, or a very very few bits of rabbit fur), and a small butt of bright green, tightly dubbed, with that shaggy, buggy look for the rest of the body, and have a workable cased caddis imitation for fast water. Later on, you may prefer a more specific imitation, but early on in your tying, its all about getting max mileage from the flies you know, and that variation will open up opportunities on streams with cased caddis. :)