Monday, March 22, 2010

Possie Bugger - FOTD

Roughfisher has a sweet little Possie Bugger up on his site today. This is perfect timing since I need to start tying for my Oregon trip in late May. This Possie Bugger is one of the most productive flies in Oregon and I need to tie up a few dozen.

He's tying these in size 10, which I think is about the largest I could go without it looking too large. However, my Oregon buddy swears you can tie these as large as 6 or 8's and still be effective. That seems HUGE to me!

Great ties Mr. Roughfisher!


Bigerrfish said...

sweet fly!... I would fish this fly in a size 18 to 24 in any stream in colorado. 16 if the water was dirty..

Anonymous said...

Thanks B. I'm gonna tie these on some 12s and 14s too.