Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our Vacation

As you know by now I spent a week in SC, and although it isn't my next future residence, it was pretty cool.

The campground we stayed at (Lakewood Campground in South Myrtle Beach) was very cool - like it's own little town. Over 600 spots to camp/tent/trailer in. My mom and dad rented a trailer for the week and invited us down. Now, the trailer is like a mini-mobile home and sleeps 6 (barely). It wasn't spacious, but was nice to sleep in AC and eat meals out on the porch and use the golf car to fart around in. This place was so huge it had over a 1/3 mile of beach front, 2 pools, paddle boats, playground, water slides, 3 ponds, store, mini golf, cafe and I'm forgetting so much more.

The down side is that I didn't have WiFi at the trailer - I had to go to the cafe which was a few hundred yards away. The beach was really nice - but it was like any other beach - sand, waves, water, sun. The views were nice, although after a while all the bikinis just blended in. The weather was damn hot - high 80's and early 90's every day and the nights dipped into the high 70's. The humidity was unbearable. I went shirtless the entire week, so I am sure the views weren't so good for everyone else when I was around.

We had intentions of going out and doing a lot of things - but we left the campground 3 times - we hit the local tshirt shops, did a dinner buffet for my birthday and did some mini-golfing (which Avi absolutely LOVED!!). The cafe/beach/pool/food/beer/playground/food/beer/sleep/repeat was our routine.

Avelyn had a great time with Nana and Papa, and visa versa. Zach was just a little too small to know that anything was different than home. He did go in the ocean and pool and had a good time.

I tried going fishing - made an effort to go to Orvis, buy a saltwater license, look at the tide charts, but never found the time to go. The flights were decent, and the kids did well on them. The flight times were way too early for us - getting up before 4am was hard.

My wife has pics on her Picasa Album if interested. Click my link at the top right corner.

Here are a couple of our normal activities throughout the week:

It was nice to get home and see the mutt on Sunday.

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