Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Colorado River Headwaters - Sat June, 27, 2009

I don't have any pictures, no fish were caught, a few bug bites were gotten, a few flies were lost, a bunch of nice fishing holes found, and I did spend about 2 hours in some of the most beautiful country in the US.

I had a brief opportunity to fish the Colorado River just as it comes out of RMNP right on the Winding River Resort's property. I tried wet wading, but after a millisecond of being in the chilled water I walked back to the truck and put my hip waders on. The water was high - very high - but there were still beautiful holes and long riffles to fish. Rumor has it that the DOW had stocked 800 lbs of 1lb and 2lb rainbows in that section last fall. None of which were seen or heard from today.

So, besides the scenery, there was not much to report. Our camping trip however was very successful - we had a blast with our neighbors, and saw 6 "meese", a couple elk, and had a fox do a run by our camping spot at 11pm while the fire died down. We also had some unknown animal digging through our stuff at 4am, which scared the living crap out of us - we didn't have a flashlight, baseball bat, or anything to defend ourselves as my neighbor and I made a bunch of noise getting out of the tent to spook the animal away. Luckily we heard 4 legged heavy foot falls headed in the opposite direction.

We did spend part of Saturday morning at Grand Lake pitching worms on a Barbie fishing pole into the shallows for cruising trout - of which none were found. The kids had a blast at the lake and Cabo got lots of attention as she swam after the ball.

Here are few pics of our camping trip:

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wyoflyfish said...

I don't think you can beat a quality weekend like that.