Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some home made dubbing!


I didn't say that I made it! A friend of the blog - KBarton over at Singlebarbed.com hooked me up with some of this home made dubbing (straight out of the coffee grinder!) after I made a small donation to his addiction fund. His addiction - is it beer? whiskey? women's underwear? Although I can not rule those out, I do know he has a steady addiction for anything that looks buggy at the craft store. Yes, KBarton is a craft store junkie, ready to buy a skein of this or a dash of that and put it on a size 12 hook and throw it at fish and see if he'll eat it. (Imagine what he makes his kids eat???)

He has assured me that no old ladies at the craft store were harmed in the making of this here dubbing!

Great mixture and thanks again Singlebarbed! It will come in very handy.


Anonymous said...

that's some good lookin' stuff there. KB definitely knows his way around a grinder.

btw his guilty pleasure is cheap old soggy cigars

Brandon said...

that is good to know!! Thanks for the tip!