Monday, May 25, 2009

Carp fishing at Chatfield

Well, I finally had the chance to get out and see if I could spook up some carp. This weekend has been crazy and I haven't been able to find any time - and the couple times I did have some time it was pouring rain (which it is right now again).

I took Cabo over around 3:30 today and we walked all the way out to the point. The inlet bay is dry - only a stale puddle of water and nothing in it at all. The open bay side was beautiful - the internet is saying the altitude of the lake is at 5429.29 ft, but that is still way too low. I seriously think it needs to come up at least a foot more and flood the bay again. The could happen over night with all this rain.

The bay was beautiful - complete wind free and like glass. Of course the huge fish were jumping out of the water - some were within 50 feet of me. I tried a carp slider and a damsel nymph, then dropped the damsel and tried a green streamer with bead chain eyes. Nothing, not even a bump. I think I blew up a couple hundred fish without knowing it - they probably swam right up to me in the dirty water and then blew it up getting away from me. The amazing part about the bay is that I can walk out 100 feet and it still isn't more than waist deep.

Well, long story short, no carp, and it's raining. We have gotten more rain in the past 4 days than I can every remember.


Ralf said...

"no carp, and it's raining" - I know that and it's sounds like you fish not far from here. But here is germany ... ;)

Thight lines,

Brandon said...

I wish I could read German! Any carp out your way? Colorado doesn't get a lot of rain - that is why this week of rain is so strange. Hopefully it dries up soon for the both of us!

Ado said...

So no carp for you. I hooked three on Monday. The last one was the biggest one . Since i didn't have my fishing net with me I lost it. We should go "carping" sometimes.