Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chatfield is close!

I went over to Chatfield today with Cabo to check out Chatfield and see if the water has dropped and if the carp are starting to get their swerve on. I do have to save that due to some decent snow, some decent rain storms (in particular last night!) and some cooler weather, the Chatfield area is looking very very green - everything from the grass to the bushes to the trees is all green - it's nice to see.

The wind was up a little bit, but luckily the water was down. It is still about 6 inches too high, but they are letting a ton of water out the dam and down the Platte, so the reservoir should come way down some more. I walked all the way out to my bay, and made it all but the last 20 yards walking on dry land. I saw some guys walking around my flats with bows and arrows and round canisters on their bows. I assumed by the looks of this rig that this was carp fishing gear (not exactly the fishing I had in mind though). There was three of them and they were just kids. I chatted with them and they told me they got one 30 inch+ carp over in the shallow muddy bay and he was tied up over there. I felt a little bad knowing I lost a potential tug-a-war partner, but it is good to know that the fish are starting to show themselves.

However, today the fish weren't tailing, not getting their grooves on quite yet. I think we need about another week. However, the water was very warm - not sure if it was over 55 degrees, but probably pretty close. I stood in it up to my knees and was never really cold. I stood on the reservoir side and did see a couple of jumpers - one huge jumper in particular, but not as frequently as you do a little later in the year. I'm excited - we are about a week away and I plan on taking full advantage of it.

I'll keep you all posted, and drop me an email if anyone wants to join me on a carp hunt.

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