Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday, August 19, 2006 Blue River, Palmer Gulch

Saturday, August 19, 2006 Blue River, Palmer Gulch
Heavy overcast - rain in the morning, storms in the afternoon around 60 degrees. Water was gin clear and flows were 276 cfs or so.

Fished with Chad, his father in law and my buddy Robert from work. We headed out early and got to Palmer Gulch around 8:30. Jumped down into the hole and started fishing - the morning went really well - hooking lots of small fish on a micro bugger in black. The first three fish I hooked were a brown, rainbow and a brookie. The brookie had grey coloring with orange fins and white on the tips.

I continued fishing and hooking fish, just not large fish. I hooked probably about 15 fish all day and 10 were under 13 inches. The afternoon brought thunder clouds and we decided to get off the lower stretch and head for the dam area. The tailwater was same as it ever is - clear and the fish spooky.

I fished my way to about half way to the dam - didn't catch anything, then we headed home. The ride home was scary - where the rain came down so hard that Rt 70 was a river in some stretches.

It was a nice day - I used Chad's 4 piece Clearwater rod for the first time.

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