Monday, July 06, 2015

Thursday, July 2, 2015 - WP area fishing

I had a chance to hook up with a buddy of mine while we were staying in the Granby area.  There are tons of places to fish up that way and fishing with a local is always a good way to find new water.  But, this was not new water to me, I had fished it a couple times prior - but at much, much lower water levels.  I believe flows were in the 450cfs range and that is big for this river.

I only took this one picture, didn't hav ethe camera/phone out much.  It was a fun few hours with Jon.  He ended up tearing it up, probably caught 8 fish including a couple of brookies, a rainbow and the rest browns.  I did manage a couple of browns, with a bunch of ldrs.

The day was a hot one, then the clouds came in and we got thundered and rained on - those huge drops that hurt when they hit you!

Fun time out on the water - thanks Jon for finding the time to fish.  I'll be up there every weekend in July, I hope we fish again.

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