Monday, July 06, 2015

Saturday, July 4, 2015 - Colorado River

Got a chance to sneak out of the house in Granby and do some fishing for a couple hours on the Colorado River (the spot to remain nameless, but most probably know where this is).  It was hot and sunny and the water was high - very high - but not too off color, more of a tea-colored.

I did not catch anything for quite a long while.  I was frustrated because the water was nice, with lots of slower moving stretches which I knew held fish.

Then I decided to take a break, enjoy the scenery, take the photo above and just enjoy myself.  The next cast, I got the skunk off.

You may laugh at the size, but the fact that I landed this fish is amazing, especially when you consider 1) he had to attack a fly about 1/3 of its size, 2) the hook had to stay in his mouth, 3) with all the flopping around these little guys do, I'm not sure how he stayed on the hook and 4) any type of normal hook set would have ripped the fly out of his mouth or launched this fish 30 feet behind me.

I was happy.

I did manage one more fish after that - a nice little 14 inch brown.

Again, I was just happy to get out in the area and fish - and the surroundings are always beauitful.  It was a nice couple of hours that took my mind off things and I had to myself.

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