Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Zeal Optics iON HD Camera (goggles)

This looks awesome. In goggle POV camera that has 1080dp HD. Nice! $399 isn't too bad either. Might be my next toy.

I like the automatic playback option - makes reviewing it so much easier and allow you to delete bad footage without taking up space on the card. Also, you know if it is on/off - something that is difficult on the GoPro.

I wouldn't look as silly wearing goggles as I do with that huge GoPro camera on my head!


Kevin Frank said...

Wow, if these don't sell I'll be really surprised. I'm sure someone is working on a sunglasses version too. The quality of the video is what I'm mostly impressed with. Thanks for sharing.

nell said...

That is just awesome! We love our GoPro but these are cool!

Brandon said...

@Kevin - If we are to believe that the video was not "enhanced", I think that video is actually better than the GoPro. Basically it all comes down to the image stability. The new GoPro2 has better stability than the GoPro1 - but the stability in the video was amazing.

@nell - you can never have enough toys. With you guys doing all the back country snowboarding these things would be awesome. I've been meaning to email you and ask when the next time you are going - that looks like so much fun. You guys are living the life!

security cameras said...

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