Friday, October 12, 2012

"A Labs Life"

Linking to this blog post from This River is Wild - great story about fishing with his Lab.  Having the love of my life being a chocolate labrador retriever, I can relate daily to this story.  Anyone who fishes with a dog knows the looks, the tailwag, the excitement, the giddiness that your dog feels when you are around water/fish/sticks/balls.

So check out Fishing With Riley - and the whole blog, which is awesome - I think dog lovers will enjoy it. 

I'm fishing this weekend, but not with Cabo - unfortunately she's getting a little too old and the rain/snow/cold will wear on her too much and I don't want her to be shaking the whole time.  And all my buddies that have fished with me and Cabo know that she always has to get wet.  Wet and 30 degree high temps don't mix.  I'll miss fishing with her this weekend, I'll miss her excitement when a fish starts flopping close to shore, and I'll miss her showing her teeth like she wants to "bite" the fish, but is too chicken to even touch it, and I'll miss her searching under water for the fish after it is released.

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