Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Juan's Golden Stones - FOTD

Hopper Juan's Golden Foam Stones

I really like these stone flies for a number of reasons - they use foam as the wings (a cheap and recycled material), their color is amazing, and they seem like something that I can tie and will catch fish with. Not to mention they are tied by a local tier Hopper Juan.

Juan uses his caddis cutter to cut out the computer foam for the wings and adds some brown marker to color them. The result is some very cool looking and realistic wings. I do think that the foam may cause the fly to want to float (which is the opposite of what a stone should do) but I am guessing that is why we should add weight to the fly.

Juan also does an amazing job in photographing these flies (see his website for all the pics), I only show a couple here.

Thanks Juan! Can't wait to try and tie a few of these.

Check out Juan's website for his other patterns.


Juan Ramirez said...

I have since name these the iStones. From the computer the foam came from.

Owl Jones said...

I love 'em! :) It's great when we can take modern materials and turn even those into something buggy looking! ( And no doubt fish-bite-inducing!)