Saturday, October 03, 2009

Ultra Thread Company by WAPSI

I have had this spool of UTC thread for a while - but honestly, never used it, mainly because it was pink. It's not a normal pink either - it is a nuclear pink. I tied up some of those midges last week that I had success on Clear Creek - and really liked it. I liked the way it laid flat and was virtually inpossible to twist, the wax in the thread really added to the durability and strength - and it takes nail polish well also - leaving it look nice and shiny. The stuff I bought was the 70 denier stuff, which I think is the equivalent of 8/0 thread. But, it is easily as strong if not stronger than regular 6/0 threads.

Well, I headed over to Discount Tackle today and got some more colors - including chartuese green, steel grey, olive brown and a tan color - I can not wait to tie with it. I was disappointed to find out that they either didn't carry, or were out of plain old black.

If you've never used UTC, check it out at the WAPSI website.

Although the thread was around $2 a spool, and my thingamabobbers were $1.25 apiece (I got 12 of them), I did get some great deals. I'd tell you about them, but you wouldn't stop drooling. Discount (on Santa Fe) is a dump, but man, you can get some killer deals in that place!

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carlp said...


Go to Anglers All just down the street, they have a big selection of the UTC thread