Monday, October 12, 2009

October 11, 2009 - Fly Tying Night

Last night I had the boys over for a fly tying night. I was expecting between 7 and 11, and got 5 that showed up (6 with me). It was a pretty good turn out - and if I had too many more I wouldn't have had room for all the food on my back up fly tying table!

I don't have any pics of these guys ugly mugs, but I got pics of their flies! We had a bunch of great tiers (CarlP, Scott, Darren, Tim), a crappy tier (me) and a newb (Steve - actually Steve has never tied a fly in his life). Here is what they all tied:

CarlP tied up his killer golden stonefly - and man was it nice! He did one with and without a bead, and both are unreal looking flies. The photos do not do it justice - look at the one with the funky background to really get an idea of how this thing looks!

Scott (FryFish1971) tied up a bunch of patterns, including his orange rabbit scud (which is straight from an orange rabbit pelt - that he went home with only half of since Darren, Tim and I stole most of!), his famous Chatfield shad pattern and a red yoke egg. Yeah, the egg looks pretty simple, but it has a red glow bead under there that looks unreal when wet.

Darren (TheFlash) tied a killer Stimulator that is straight off Charlies website, with some slight tweaks. That puppy took a full 20 minutes to tie - mainly because I asked so many damn questions! He also tied up a killer spawn egg that has some white egg yarn that he forgot to leave me some of!

Tim (TSyl) tied up his famous Dirty Matini that he had shown me once before. That was all Tim tied - as I think he was scoping everyone's materials out! He made out pretty well!

I tied...nothing. I was too intimidated by all the great tiers, and my micro-thread midges weren't going to cut it tonight. I had fun hosting, ribbing Scott and Darren and getting my ass handed to me at the tiers table!

A couple thanks to Darren for bringing the 200 fly boxes - I only managed to give away about 30 of them, so I have 170 more in a trash bag in my basement (um, thanks). And thank you to Chad (ChadTrout) for sending me a whole bag of goodies and samples that everyone took a little of, showed me how to tie some eggs with and some materials we thought were cool but have no idea what to do with or what to tie!

Everyone had a great time - and I can't wait to do it again. I wish we all lived a little closer as we could do this more often. Scott came from Conifer, Steve came from Denver (like 120th Street), Carl from Lakewood, Darren from Littleton and Tim from one street over in HR. Quite a wide range, luckily I was kind of right in the middle.

Thanks again guys and thanks for leaving all your flies for me!!


Andy Baird said...

Hey Brandon - some lovely flies there, you're right, the stonefly looks amazing. I like your idea of having a tying evening... sounds like a cool gathering of folk.

Enjoyed your post.


Anonymous said...

looks like you had some fun. those are some nice looking patterns. great porn