Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Hot Damn, I'm in Love! Diving Raffine Caddis - FOTD

Ok, I'm still searching for the perfect fly, and I found another - yup, it's a caddis, it's small, and it is beautiful. Size doesn't matter in ff, think golf and your score - smaller is better!

I found this beauty while searching another members blog buddies, damn is it nice. This is the Diving Raffine Caddis from Dave Wiltshire Fly Tying Blog and I like the simpleness and the use of the Raffine wing/case.

This guy has some amazing photos on his blog - he does some amazing caddis patterns that don't look too hard to tie (but I couldn't tie them), but look like they will definitely catch fish.

And I saw this little guy below that I would like to get a closer look at.

Thanks Mr. Wiltshire for some great looking flies!

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mancing said...

nice pattern
i like it