Tuesday, April 07, 2009

For the Love of Caddis - FOTD

Just saw this beauty on the Fly Tying Forums.

I love caddis pupa/soft hackles - the lime/chartuese green bodies are so easy to tie - and better off they really do mimic the natural. If you have ever gotten one of those little cone shucks on your hook when fishing and you think it is a stick - take it and squeeze it from the bottom up and see what oozes out. It will have a black head and a lime green body - exactly like this fly.

I would tie this slightly different - I would use the micro-tubing instead of vrib to add less bulk and make the gap between hook and body slightly larger.

Even better! Brett just sent me a link to his site with tying instructions on another pattern. Check out The Trout Addictions Fishable Flies Blog.


fishermansfly said...

Thank you sir, made my day. I was trying to somewhat complete a life cycle for a picture. It was a rather quick tie but I like the way the softhackled played out! The picture didn't turn out quite so well, but it worked for what I was attempting to accomplish.



dsflyfishing said...

That is a nice looking fly. I'm a fan of the Caddis pupa myself. I opt for some lime antron with pearl mylar for the ribbing, but this pattern has a much more realistic segmentation than mine. very cool - I think you're right about the material swap too.