Friday, January 23, 2009

Lightbulb Speakers

Check these out - these are cool as hell!

These speakers inside a lightbulb use bluetooth technology (that you can add to an iPod or other portable audio devise) to beam your music around your house wirelessly. This seems like a practical idea that someone should have thought of LONG before this!


Anonymous said...

Excellent idea! Who comes up with this stuff? The camper mods from your previous post are looking good. Only one trip to Home Depot? I'm jealous - when working on projects, it seems I need to make at least three.

- scott c

Brandon said...

Well, I hit Home Depot last night with huge list in hand and managed to get 2 things - circle hooks for utensils, and crazy glue. Everything else I either couldn't find, or they didn't have.

I'm hitting up Murdochs and Ace Hardware today.

I got lucky last time because I reused the panelling and it was pretty labor intensive.