Thursday, November 27, 2008


We had a fun Thanksgiving today - did a ton of stuff and hung out with friends all day and are just starting to crash.

Jen started the day by working from 7am-2pm. Avi and I got out of bed around 8, she went over to our neighbors to play with the kids at 10am. A bunch of the neighborhood guys played some football at the park this morning for an hour or so - our first annual Deer Creek Court TDay game. We all had a blast - I wish I had taken pics.

I fried up a turkey after the game at my neighbors house - he actually fried up 4 of them in his driveway. That was a pretty interesting process. I peeled and cut our sweet potatos as well. Jen got home at 2.

About 4pm we headed over to Suzie's house for our feast. It was the normal crew and great food - good company as well - and good to see everyone. We just got home 30 minutes ago and put Avi in bed. Time to hit the hay myself.

I hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving!

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