Monday, November 03, 2008

Sunday, October 2, 2008 - Chatfield Reservior

I'd say I fished today, but that would be stretching it. Really it was more of a kayaking expedition and shoulder therapy. I brought Cabo to Chatfield Reservior and made a few laps around the usual spots - however I didn't catch anything. It was a little windy out there, and that made dragging streamers tough - the yak would get all turned around in the wind when I stopped paddling and tended to the rod. The weather was beautiful - I was in a t-shirt the whole day.

I did some paddling and my shoulder throbbed - but it was the first real workout that I have had on the shoulder since the pinched nerve. When I finally anchored up to fish, the wind completely stopped and the water was like glass (kind of eery actually). On the way in I saw Tom Shyrock and his son fishing the inlet, but not having much luck either. The water level was down slightly. The west inlet was only 8 inches deep ro so - I was lucky not to drag bottom a few times - although if I had it would have just stirred up about 4 inches of muck.

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