Thursday, May 05, 2005

Pregnancy the First Frontier

First of all, I'm writing this kind of late, a lot has happened in the past six months (most of it kind of funny) so I will have to do a recap to catch everybody (and myself) up.

Let's start from the very beginning - way back....

October 2004 - Boston Red Sox win ALCS and World Series (greatest moment of my life I might add!)
November 2004 - we get an off on the condo - we are ready to sell - scramble to find new house
Wednesday, November 17th 2004 (approximately) - Jennifer was impregnanted (yeah yeah yeah - enough goalie jokes and am I sure it is mine - only the paternity test can tell that for sure.
November 30, 2004 - Close on condo, put offer on house, go to house for inspection, house needs $40K in work, rescind offer on house, put offer on another house (you get all that?)
December 1-5, 2004 - Trip to Cozumel - great trip
December 5, 2004 PM - Pregnancy test taken - positive results - oh crap I'm going to be a dad!
December 6, 2004 - offer accepted on house, inspection on house, oh crap we are going to be home owners!
December 17, 2004 - move into new house
January 2005 - Steelers finish regular season 15-1!
January 2005 - caught a 22 inch rainbow on the Dream Stream - largest fish ever!
January 2005 - Steelers lose to Patriots in AFC Championship Game (first bad luck in over 3 months)
February 2005 - first ultrasound at 10 weeks - holy sh!t that looks like a human in there!
March - present....not much happened...except some funny stories...which will be in future threads.

Ok, we're all up to speed. Jennifer is currently 26.5 weeks and doing pretty well. I on the other hand am nervous as hell. And no one helps when they say this will only get worse before it gets better - um, thanks?!?

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