Saturday, October 19, 2013

South Park Stillwater - Oct 19, 2013

Fished with Darren and Luke
Left at about 5:15, landed at 7am
15 degrees in the parking lot
Full moon shining
Long walk in
Wind was minor - just a good ripple on the water

Both fish looked exactly the same
20 inches, and fat
I'd love to tell you the rest of the day was amazing, but it wasn't
No fish for another 3 hours or so when I caught this one. He was maybe 15 inches but had these huge gashes in his tail. Eagle? Pike? Propeller?

About an hour later I managed this fish - nothing fancy, but fat.

Darren managed two fish, within 5 minutes of each other and nothing before or after.
This fish was huge - 21.5 inches and fat - definitely the fish of the day.
The other fish was similarly fat, but not as long.

We maybe had 3 hits the rest of the time
Still great to get out.


Joel D said...

Great looking fish. Sure wish I could get some still water fishing like that.

Brandon said...

They were pretty fish - most important, they were healthy. That is the benefits of a flies/lures C&R only lake. I was hoping the browns would be up, but they were no where to be found.