Sunday, October 16, 2011

Silverthorne Pond, October 10, 2011

Due to Columbus Day on Monday, my son's daycare was closed and my daughter was also on fall break from school - so I took the day off and took the kids up into the mountains for some fun. We started out by hitting the stocked pond in Silverthorne near the school - we could see a few fish, but had no luck catching any. I fished for about an hour hoping to catch something and have the kids net it - but I was skunked.

It was almost lunchtime so we hit up McDonald's and then headed towards A-Basin and up over Loveland Pass. There wasn't a ton of snow up there, but enough to make everything white and have the kids play in about 3 or 4 inches of snow.

We had a 1:30pm departure time on the Georgetown Loop Railroad, so we headed down the Pass to Georgetown. The trip was fun, a 20 minute trip to Silver Plum, a 20 minute wait and then a 20 minute return trip to Georgetown.

We headed home around 3:30. It was a good day, and the kids had a blast. The fishing didn't go as planned - I was hoping to just get 1 fish and get the kids excited - I figured if they saw one fish it would make them more interested in fishing - but with no fish it was "boring" and may have turned them off to fishing. I guess we will see.


Colorado Angler said...

Fish or no fish - what an awesome day. Being able to spend quality time with your kids is priceless - and I have no doubt they loved every minute of that time with Dad.

LOVE seeing posts like this!

HighPlainsFlyFisher said...

Judging from the smiles on the kids faces it doesn't appear the fishless trip affected em too much!
Man I hate to see snow in those pictures already...that just means it's headed my way too and I'm not ready for it yet.

nell said...

That is awesome! Fish will always be there and now these memories will too!