Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Delaney's Sat & Sun, June 11-12, 2011

I hit up Delaney's on Saturday night - got the hall pass with my MIL in town - stayed through Sunday. Got up there around 6pm, South Lake had about 40 boaters/belly boaters/tubers/canoers in it (not kidding). Chatted with my buddy Mark over at North Lake for about an hour. Hit South Lake from about 7:30 until 9am. Hooked 4 fish, landed a 15 inch sucker and got a 16 or so inch rainbow right up to me before he popped off. Headed back to my buddies camper to hang out - when a nasty storm came in - literally 45 mph winds and driving rain. Lasted about 40 minutes then it was dead calm. I was going to fish, but by now it was 11pm, so I called it a night and slept in the truck. Killed about 1,000,000,000 chironomids that had snuck in the truck and attacked my dome light. Took about 30 minutes to kill them all.

Sunday morning was up at 6am, on the water by 7am on North Lake - fishing for some nice browns - paddled across the lake in the kayak. Fished in 9 feet of water with no luck. Paddled my ass back (into the wind) around 9am, and went to South Lake. Fished the South Lake until about 2pm, had a bunch of hits, landed NOTHING. I'm embarrassed I got skunked at the D's. Saw a few fish, perfect weather, medium breeze, warm, lots of chiros hatching - just couldn't figure it out. Long drive for no fish.

No callis or damsels hatching yet. Don't believe the North Park Anglers reports of the D's like the other 100 or so other campers that were up there. Literally the place was insane, no doubt all due to the rivers being blown out, no mosquitoes yet, and the NPA glamorous reports. Rumor has it that it isn't on fire yet - my buddy has fished it the last 4 weeks with limited success. It has not "turned on" just yet, but it will - I'm sure the callibaetis hatch will bring on a feeding frenzy.

If you go, good luck, I wish you the best.


Flyfishermanrichard. said...


Looks very nice in the belly boats,and a great shot of a hook up.

Well done.

Troutdawg said...

Looks like a good time out. Just returned as well and lucked out with few skitters and nice browns at North!

Brandon said...

I hear the mosquitoes are starting to come on - same week as last year - we were up there June 22nd or so.

As much as I was disappointed, it was still a good trip - got to see an old friend and fished some great water.