Saturday, July 10, 2010

Big T - July 10, 2010

We went camping this weekend with Scott and family. Stayed at Elk Meadows RV Park - don't ever waste your time going there - it is a joke. We did however have a great time - even if there were 25 other campers within a 30 foot radius.

We had planned to fish the Roaring River in RMNP, but Z decided to wake up about 5:15am (15 minutes before we were scheduled to leave) and he was not going to let us sneak out without giving Jen a really hard time. So basically everyone got up at 5:30am and started the day a little earlier than expected. Trying not to piss off my wife the day before her birthday I decided to hang close until nap time for Z. Basically the RR was out and we'd have to fish closer to camp.

There are some pics of our campsites with my new GoPro Helmet cam - set at taking pics every 10 secs. These are some pretty cool pics for a video camera - and I actually like the warped edges of the wide angle lens. And yes, I got a lot of shit from Scott and family, but it was worth it - I got some great video too.

At around 9am when Z went down for a nap we headed to the Big T below the dam. The water was flowing perfectly at 143 cfs. We hit Steffan's (not so) secret spot (sorry dude). The spot was perfect - no one in it and we dressed quickly and got on the river. The pics below are from the helmet cam - set up to shoot every 10 seconds. Yes, I had about 140 pics I deleted - with random triplicate shots of the same fishing hole. But these are some of the best ones. You can really see the curvature of the bridge taken by the wide angle lense.

And of course - my favorite picture ever:

The bad news is that none of us caught anything - which is pretty embarrassing to say the least - considering how dumb the fish are in the Big T. I hooked 4 or 5, but couldn't land a damn thing. We could see lots and lots of fish as well - but I could not figure out what they were eating.

We hit another spot, but had no luck either and were back at the camp site at 12:30pm. Not much more than that to report.

I will try and post a video from the camera after I cut it up and get it up on Vimeo.

Updated to add video:

New GoPro Camera - Big T Fishing from Brandon Harnois on Vimeo.