Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 11, 2010 - Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island

Sorry it has taken me so long to post. I haven't exactly been tearing it up fishing, been busy with work, family stuff, and camping.

Anyways. The family and I did the every other year family get together trip to Narragansett, RI last week. The trip was awesome. Got there Friday around 6. The cottage we stayed at was super nice - just redone - way over done considering it is a cottage and college kids live there from Sept-May. But it was nice to have everything redone in the last month or so.

Saturday we decided to do some clamming at low tide. If anyone hasn't been clamming it is quite an experience - you go out to the mud flats and walk barefoot in the water and feel for "rocks" - those rocks are usually quohoags. You can sometimes use a rake to feel for these "rocks" - about 14 of us went out and got about 6 dozen clams over a couple of hours. I got a sweet sunburn on my ass from bending over so much.

On the way back, we decided to get some crabs for lunch - so we stopped at the boats that are docked in Narragansett Harbor - they were good, but not great.

Sunday Jen had friends down from college (and all their rug rats) - we decided we had already waited too long for lobster - so I splurged and bought 16 lobsters and Jen's Uncle Tony bought the big one - a 6.5 lber. We ate well.

Monday and Tuesday were mostly beach days, including one night at around 7:30 when all the old guys (me included) went out and body surfed the larger waves at high tide. Fun stuff. There was a tropical storm off the coast that caused some higher than normal waves.

Wednesday we did a little fishing before heading up to Boston for the afternoon to see my grandfather. We caught 5 flounder, all small, and a couple of seagulls. No, seriously, my sister in law caught the same seagull twice. She had very little weight on her line so when she cast the bait would take a few seconds to sink and the seagull would grab it - get the hook stuck in its beak and then start flying away - to no avail. After a minute or so the bird flipped the hook out. Funny though.

On the way to Boston we stopped off at the Bass Pro Shop in Foxborough next to the Patriots Stadium - had to get some Seagaur tippet. Got a cool photo of me and the kids with the Captn Hook bear chasing us (the bear was missing a few fingers on it's left paw!).

We hit Boston that night and I stopped and got my Poppy a nice lobster roll at Kelly's. Had a sweet fish sandwich and a scallop plate as well - worth every frickin' penny.

Thursday was again a beach day - just hung out and relaxed. Luckily we did steamers on Thursday night as an appetizer - these were ok as well (not great). This pile was not nearly enough to satisfy me.

Friday we had friends visit again, basically spent all day at the beach.

Saturday we were out of there at 10am and had a 5pm flight - home by 11:30pm.

That was the trip - not a lot of fishing, but still a good time. I dragged the 7wt down there and a bunch of Clouser's but never really had a chance to use them - used the rod on the flounder which was kind of fun.

We have a block party this weekend, then who knows what is up the following weekend - Spinney maybe?