Saturday, June 19, 2010

Almost famous and some Carpin' at Chatfield

This morning I headed over to the local discount fly shop and bought myself a rubber basket boat net for my D's trip on Tuesday. While I was there the guy at the counter said - "hey, do you have a blog?", I said yes. He said - "yeah, it's called Catching My Fair Share - right?" I again said yes. I told him, "wow, I'm famous, I get recognized anywhere now", to which he comment, "nah, I recognized your little girl".

SON OF A BITCH! The frickin 5 year old one up'd me AGAIN! Anyways, it was kind of cool to get recognized, even if it was my daughter that is the famous one. It was kind of cool just knowing someone besides the guys I bribe with flies, beer and gas money actually read this thing.

Anyways, I did head over to Chatfield this afternoon to see how the carp were doing. And they weren't doing nothing. The water was about 8-12 inches too high and I didn't see a damn thing. The Army Corps website says it is slightly under 5,432 feet - which I guess is a foot higher than I wanted it. I may have missed my window of opportunity to get into carp this year at Chatfield. Cabo was swimming in all the areas she can normally hang out in - which is bad news. I didn't even string up the rod. I only saw a few fish jumping out of the water - although I did meet a couple of nice walleye spin fishermen.

The water was way off color and it was warm. Not sure I will get another chance to hook up with the carps.

No fish, but still a happy dog.

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Colorado Angler said...

Looks like it's river time!