Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Lightning Bug - FOTD

I just saw this fly over at Reno Trout Envy, it is the Lightning Bug - nothing too fancy, but very flashy and easy to tie (not to mention the photo is excellent as well).

I have tied a few of these and they do kind of look like the rainbow warrior, and they do work - especially in off color water. You can tie these even smaller - all the way down to size 24 as my buddy Darren does - with a sort of purple tinsel that is only a mm wide. This tinsel needs to be glued down to hold it in place and because it can be brittle when trying to pry it out of a fishes mouth with forceps.

These flash/tinsel flies are easy to tie, can be tied all the way up to a size 10 or so and the colors can be any color you can dream of (just look at some of the colors Brian used in his fly box.

This is a great, easy to tie fly that produces. Thanks Brian for another great fly!!


Midgeman said...

Great photo and great looking bug!

Kev2380 said...

Nice fly, great blog.

David said...

Nise bug,if you think thats cool check out the colors of tinsel that the fly shop,Redding CA offers the colors and bugs you can tye are endless love the purple/wine color in a #10 for off colored water.