Monday, November 16, 2009

Little Trigger Baetis - FOTD

These little beauties by Dubb J B (from Carbondale, CO!!) are going to be next on my tying bench - they look easy to tie and super effective! You can also change up the coloration pretty easily between olive/tan/black/red as needed. Nice ties!

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Chris said...

yo dude - leave the split tails off. i tie a little cb mayfly (sometimes called the micro may) that uses pheasant tails instead of the micro fibbets. works wonders and the PT's are way easier to work with than splitting the fibbets. just a thought to make a it a little easier.....already a super easy tie.

this pattern should work wonders for you in a tailwater as either a trailer behind a bigger bug like a scud or worm or as a dropper in a freestone below a para adams or stimmie.