Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yep - I fished....

...but not a whole lot more to tell. The day was beautiful (a weekday off too!) - got an early start with my buddy Darren, on the road at 5:30, to our destination (the Ark) by about 8am. No one around, bright sun, wasn't too cold, a little wind (but a cold wind), the water was the right flows (550+ cfs to be exact). Rigged up quickly, in the water soon after, about 1,000 casts, 4 rig changes, 2 blue heron sightings, 2 mean Canadian Geese that were giving us the evil eye(s). Oh, how was the fishing? It was great, the catching...well not so good. Darren did ok, about 6 fish and at least that many hook ups. Me - I got nothing - big ole SKUNKED!

We fished my secret spot and then moved to below Brown's Canyon for the afternoon. I was stone cold and shut out.

I was surprised to see some HUGE stonefly casings at our first stop - they looked like last years casings, but I'm not sure since they were very close to the water line and there was 6 or seven of them all together.

This sucker ws easily 3 inches + long, and most of the others I found in this "pile" were only slightly smaller. So next time you doubt how big/small the stones are on the Ark, here is some evidence!

Most of the other stones were this size - which is less than a half inch long!

Although I hate getting skunked, it was well worth the trip. Good company, beautiful day, good bugs, nice trip - I can't complain.


Chris said...

i'm surprised that more people don't fish the ark. i floated brown's a couple of years ago in late july with a friend, and it seemed like every eddy held a fish that was willing to play. stones were big then, too.

Brandon said...

I love the Ark - it is one of the best freestones to fish because it offers tons of variety throughout it's length. I have a good buddy who floats it about 70 times a year.

There are some amazing spots where you can have 50 fish days - or you can go after the lunkers. Another friend of mine caught a monster brown out of the Ark (almost 30 inches!) and had a guy take a pic of it, only for the guy never to send him an email with the pic!