Sunday, October 19, 2008

Red Sox Lose!

Yeah, that's right, I'm blogging about the Red Sox losing. Why? I ain't hanging my head, I ain't ashamed of thos team, and I'm certainly not impressed by the Devil Rays. I think it is laughable. Laughable that the Sox could beat the best team in the AL, the Angels, and then fall behind a team that has the worst bullpen in the history of the psot season and then lose. But hey the Rays won the series - and the Sox are going home - but why shouldn't they? This team has so many injuries and so many holes that they shouldn't have even gotten this far in the first place. I mean, come on - no one was supposed to go to game 7 after getting killed in games 2-4. But we did, we faught down to the wire and we almost did it. This team was missing a few pieces - and Ortiz bat, a Lowell bat, Ellsbury pulling an 0-fer, a hurt Beckett, a mediocre Lester, a sucky Wakefield, (dare I say it) no Man-Ram bat behind Ortiz, and no production out of the bottom of the order - but hey, imagine getting to game 7 of the ALCS with a dump of a team we had in the last 3 weeks! Amazing. I'm happ the season is over - time to patch some holes and continue our dynasty.

The sad part is that MLB is headed into the worst rated World Series ever, and no one will watch any of the games. The Rays will get spanked in Philly when they have to bat a pitcher, and can't move guys over. They will get killed at home when Howard, Burrell, Rollins and Utley bat around inning after inning in that tiny ballpark. And the sadest thing? When Tampa Bay and Baltimore are battling it out for 4th place in the AL East in 2009 again and no one remembers who the loser of the 2008 World Series was. But hey, good luck Rays!

Pedroia - I love ya, and see you next year, you are the MVP this year and I can't wait to see them give you the trophy!!!


wyoflyfish said...

Watched the game and since I am not much of a Sox fan (no real Reds fan can like the Sox) I was pulling for the Rays. I see your point about tv ratings for the series but personally I don't much care about "ratings" as much as seeing an interesting series. Phils haven't been in 15 years and TB never, so it should be nice for straight up baseball fans. The best part, NO YANKEES. :)

Brandon said...

Sorry about that rant. Make no mistake, the Rays certainly earned that World Series birth and I do believe that they were the better team. The Sox really over achieved this year, and Game 7 of the ALCS was a lot further than I had thought they would ever make it.

I can't get excited about the Rays/Phils World Series. The Rays have a great young team that has had a lot of luck and overachieved to the fullest extent. The Phils on the other hand have been mediocre under achievers - so who should I root for? I do think the Phils have a better line up with much more consistent hitters. But we will see.

No Yanks is always a good thing.