Sunday, August 17, 2008

Summer Vacation - Boston & Narragansett

We returned from our summer vacation last night at 2am. We had a great trip back east but are glad to be home, and are just about ready to go to bed early.

We started our trip by flying out on Tuesday, August 5th by flying out at 11:30 pm - which is pretty late - however, Avi does really well on the over night flights and she slept like a baby. Wednesday mroning we got in at 5 and were at Poppy's at 7 and napping by 7:30am. We got up around noon and had a nice chat with Poppy and then were on our way to Narragansett. We stopped in Foxboro at the Bass Pro Shop and picked up a fishing rod for me. We then made our way to Narragensett around 3:30.

Everyone was there and it was good to see everyone. We played it cool that night and just visited - but I wanted to go fishing! The next morning the boys got up and tried our luck out on the docks - not much luck other than a few pogies and a fluke. We did have a good time though and it was a lot like our fishing expeditions of two years ago - minus the stripers of course.

We had chowder that night and it was good. Thursday and the weekend were a bit of a blur - but we all tried fishing again, went clamming one day (although I didn't do much clamming) and even hit up some crabbing as well. We couldn't find a blue crab anywhere! The girls all hit the beaches with Avi and even hit the cove out by Point Judith lighthouse. The weather was hot and balmy with the occassional thunderstorm thrown in. We ate well - doing 10 lobsters one night, and then a dozen crabs and chowder another night. Monday Jen, Avi, Michelle and I met Dale, Hillary and Luke at the PawSox game in Pawtucket - it was a chance to break up the week and do something fun. Of course it was storm before the game too, but the game was played and we all had a good time.

Tuesday was Avelyn's birthday and we had the whole gang there - including my Mom and Dad who came up from Raleigh, and down from Boston to see her. It was a nice birthday and Avi had fun being the center of attention.

I kept busy fishing and clamming and crabbing - and eating my share as well - we did another 12 lobsters on Wednesday and more crabs on Thursday. I snuck out for some fishing on Thursday and managed a few more fish - a nice little black seabass and 4 searobins. The searobins were really cool - and they "barked" at me when they were sitting on the docks waiting to get unhooked. I had a blast chatting with the lobster guys and doing my own thing.

We spent Firday driving to Connecticut to see Jennifer's grandpa and then back to Boston to see the Red Sox. We got to the game about 30 minutes early and sat in the rain - about an hour and a half later they finally called it a rain out - and we headed home. It sucked that Avi and Poppy couldn't see the game - it would have been fun. Saturday we went to see some college friends who live in the area, then we rushed to the airport and landed around midnight - we were in bed just after 2am on Sunday morning.

It was a great trip - very relaxing and fun. It is very good to be home however.

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