Monday, March 25, 2024

Lake Fishing - March 24, 2024

Had to run up to the lake a replace a window in the shed.  Brought my buddy Tom up with me and we did a little fishing.  The ice was fully gone and the day started out nice with sunshine and 40 degree weather - the clouds came in and the wind kicked up a little bit and it got chilly.

Tom caught three fish - the first being a fat 19"+ brown trout.

This fish obviously fed well during the winter.  I haven't ever caught browns out of the lake - with the exception of a few years ago we were starting to catch them on Amy's Ants right when the sun was setting/dusk.  It was great to see this tank.

Tom also caught a 16 inch rainbow that was fat, and a standard 14 inch rainbow that seem to be the most common catch in the lake.  Last March I got skunked here - so it was good to get into a few fish.  I played guide for the day (tying up the rigs, casting the flies, and netting the fish!), but got to fish a little bit.  The tight area was tough to cast in, as I did catch 3 trees and lost a bunch of flies.  It was still a great 3 hours working on the shed and fishing.

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