Monday, April 18, 2022

Roaring Fork River - April 15 & 16, 2022

 In Aspen for a hockey tournament - which is going amazing for Z and his team.  This team is incredible and so much fun to watch.  I had an hour and a half on Friday and had some luck - caught two dink browns and a fat ass cuttbow.  The cuttie was in the only deep spot (like 18 inches) in a foam line.  Amazing how a hooked big fish reacts completely different than a smaller fish - they do a few huge shakes and then head straight for the bottom. 

Had a few more hours between games on Saturday and killed it.  SOOO many caddis in the water that the lime green caddis midge killed it.  Lots of small fish, but lots of big ones.  The rainbows today were especially fat - especially the last one that tapes to the red line on my net (not sure how big that is just yet - haven't measured it).

Saturday, October 02, 2021

Fishing a small creek in Winter Park with Steffan - September 25, 2021

 Z rode Trestle again, and Steffan and I fished a small creek way up in the mountains.  Lots of brookies - and a beautiful creek!

Thanks Steff!

Winter Park Fishing - September 5, 2021

Another day fishing while Z rode Trestle.

Lots of brookies - hitting the dry and the dropper.  Even found some wild raspberries!

I did manage to fall in face first in about 8 inches of water - embarrassing, even if no one saw it.

Monday, August 23, 2021

Fraser River - August 22, 2021

Had some time while Z rode Trestle in WP - decided to head over to the Fraser in the canyon - haven't fished that area in probably 12 years or so.  They put in a cool parking area on the Strawberry Road area directly across from the pull off on the road - there are some great mountain biking trails (from what I hear) up there as well.  The parking area is pretty spacious - allows for 20 more cars or so.

I forget how nice the Fraser looks - although it was flowing pretty low.  I hiked the 3/4 mile trail or so down the hill to the water.  I jumped in that first run - seeing a could small fish hitting the surface every once in a while.  It was late - almost 11am and there was the occasional trico cloud that would come and then go - I assume that is what the fish were picking off.  Nothing in the first hole - so I moved up.

The long cable hole stretch was open so I took it.  I heard fish dimpling every once in a while.  I was trying to narrow it down to what they were eating and decided to go small - micro - with a size 22 RS2 and a size 24 thread midge in red/tinsel.  I managed a couple out of the hole - a nice 14 inch brown and later a 12 inch brown.

I hooked a bunch of dinks that all worked their way off before landing.  Did see a snake in the water - which caused me to shit my pants a little.  While fishing the cable hole, all of a sudden up on the side of the canyon there was a huge crash - a tree must have just fallen randomly.  So to answer your question - yes they make sound.

I got a text from Z saying his bike was broken (again) - and then a text saying it was fixed, but I was done, hiked out around 2:30 and back to WP by 3:30.

Not a highly productive day, but still a good day to be out fishing.  Fall is coming quickly - probably our last time to WP this year with hockey starting next week.

Monday, August 09, 2021

High Mountain Creek - Fraser, CO - August 7, 2021

Dropped Z off mountain biking at Trestle and headed into the mountains to fish another small creek.  The fishing was pretty tough - not as easy as earlier in the year - nothing on the hopper - all on the dropper.  Fished maybe for 45 minutes before I got a text from Z saying a cable snapped on his bike and they wouldn't fix it without parental consent.  So I packed it up, hiked out, changed into dry shoes and drove back.  At least I got to fish a little.

Flat River, Michigan - July 30, 2021 - Smallies on the fly

 Took a guided trip to the Flat River in Michigan for some smallies on the fly with a buddy of mine.  Beautiful water (as all Michigan rivers seem to be).  This river would be the perfect trout stream if it wasn't so warm.  Saw TONS of red horse suckers - they were huge.  Fished huge poppers (frogs) and Game Changers - unreal fly, the Game Changer looks so real in the water and fish not much bigger than the 6 inch fly will pound the thing.  Crazy action.

We didn't catch a bunch, maybe 5 each - but I did manage a nice one on the popper.  He was maybe 15 inches.  I gotta figure out how to fish Chatfield for these guys - they were so much fun.

I'm going to Discount soon to buy the stuff to tie Game Changers.