Monday, April 18, 2022

Roaring Fork River - April 15 & 16, 2022

 In Aspen for a hockey tournament - which is going amazing for Z and his team.  This team is incredible and so much fun to watch.  I had an hour and a half on Friday and had some luck - caught two dink browns and a fat ass cuttbow.  The cuttie was in the only deep spot (like 18 inches) in a foam line.  Amazing how a hooked big fish reacts completely different than a smaller fish - they do a few huge shakes and then head straight for the bottom. 

Had a few more hours between games on Saturday and killed it.  SOOO many caddis in the water that the lime green caddis midge killed it.  Lots of small fish, but lots of big ones.  The rainbows today were especially fat - especially the last one that tapes to the red line on my net (not sure how big that is just yet - haven't measured it).

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Old Smuggler Fly Fishing said...

You had a great fishing day. Nice trouts!!